Lumber Mill

      Sea Sweep's primary source is from soft woods, such as Pine or Aspen trees.

    Wood Chip By-Product

      Sea Sweep (wood chips) are the by-product of the screened second or third cutting of lumber at the mills.

    Sea Sweep Process

      The wood chips are processed through a thermolation patented process, which removes all of the moisture and wood oils, thereby developing Sea Sweep which is oleophilic (absorbs oil) and hydrophobic (repels water).

    Oil Spill

      Oil spills occur on water, highways, factories, service stations, airports, vessels, marinas and anywhere hydrocarbons are present.

    Spill Absorbent

      Sea Sweep absorbs oil immediately upon contact.  Once the spilled hydrocarbon is absorbed into Sea Sweep, it is not released, preventing environmental damage to shorelines and harmful effects to birds, wildlife and marine species.

    Recovering Saturated Sea Sweep

      Sea Sweep is recovered on water by the use of small nets and skimmers for minor spills; barge conveyors for major spills, and on land with the use of brooms and shovels.

    Biological Compost

      Sea Sweep containing hydrocarbons is mixed with other organic materials and water to start the compost process. Microbes, ever present in the environment, attack the oil as the compost heats to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (55.7 Celsius), producing harrnless hydrocarbons and soluble nitrates that result in an excellent soil builder.

    Soil Builder

      The soil builder can be used as potting soil or fertilizer for grass, shrubs and trees,
      completing the environmental cycle.



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