What is Sea Sweep?

    Sea Sweep is an oil absorbent material manufactured from a biomass product through a patented thermolytic process without the use of any chemicals.

    Sea Sweep is oleophilic and hydrophobic; it attracts oil and repels water.

    Sea Sweep can absorb crude oils, refined hydrocarbons, and many chemicals on land or sea, even after extensive loss due to volatilization.

What is the absorption capacity of Sea Sweep with crude oil and refined
hydrocarbons such as gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, etc.?

    Crude oils, 17º API and 37º API respectively are absorbed at a ratio of 1,000 to 1,500 gallons per ton (3,785 to 5,677.5 liters per 908 kilo) of Sea Sweep.

    Refined hydrocarbon absorption capacity varies from 1,960 (Bunker C) to 720 (Jet Fuel) gallons per ton (7,418.6liters (Bunker C) to 2,728.8 liters (Jet Fuel) per 908 kilo) of Sea Sweep.

How quickly does Sea Sweep absorb oil on water?

    The absorption time immediately upon contact.

How long will Sea Sweep float?

    Tests have shown that Sea Sweep will remain floating after absorbing oil. 

Does Sea Sweep work on salt water?

    Sea Sweep absorbs oils on both fresh and salt water.

Is Sea Sweep harmful to birds and sea life?

    Sea Sweep alone is not harmful to any wildlife. Sea Sweep does not adhere to the feathers of birds or to any type of marine life.  The immediate response to a spill and the application of Sea Sweep minimized harmful effects.

How is Sea Sweep applied to an oil spill?

    Sea Sweep can be applied by using many methods to drop it onto a spill, including a blower or auger system from a barge or tug boat, or releasing drop bags from an airplane, helicopter, crane, or boat boom.

How is Sea Sweep recovered from water?

    Sea Sweep can be recovered in place with a screen scoop or boom system, or can be pushed to a designated area for retrieval by mechanical or suction methods.

What can be done with the oil saturated Sea Sweep when it is recovered?

    Saturated Sea Sweep needs no more cargo space than it does dry. Never a hazardous waste, it can be used as a high-energy, low-ash fuel to fire power plants and industrial furnaces, composted, or incinerated.

Does oil leach from saturated Sea Sweep?

    Oil saturated Sea Sweep does not release oil. This prevents an oil spill from causing any further contamination to beaches, shorelines, and their wildlife inhabitants.

How should Sea Sweep be handled after recovery?

    The recommendation is to store oil saturated Sea Sweep in approved containers, drums, lined pits or the equivalent until processing.

How much does Sea Sweep weigh?

    Sea Sweep weighs between 6 and 8 pounds per cubic foot (2.72 and 3.63 kilos per cubic 30cm.).

What type of Sea Sweep products are available?

    Bulk particulate Sea Sweep is packaged in 5, 10, and 25 pound (2.27, 4.54 and 11.34 kilo) plastic bags as well as 500 pound (226.8 kilo) drop bags for large spills.

    Absorbent Sea Sweep booms, socks, and pillows are excellent for use in spill containment and retain all the unique features of Sea Sweep - ABSORBS OIL AND DOES NOT SINK


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