Sea Sweep, Inc. (A Colorado Corporation founded 1 May 1990) is a manufacturer/vendor of a patented product (Sea Sweep) which is an oleophilic, hydrophobic sorbent which ABsorbs 3 to 4 times its own weight of oils and chemicals. Sea Sweep is manufactured from woody biomass using a thermolytic process (patent issued May 5, 1992) which decomposes the hemicellulose while preserving the cellulose. The internal cellular formation gives the material a high degree of ABsorbency.

    Sea Sweep is free flowing and simple to apply to and retrieve from oil and chemical spills. It's excellent for an "original-site" cleanup protocol as well as a protocol which designates collection, disposal, or additional waste management elsewhere. The product is NON-LEACHING, BIODEGRADABLE and NON-TOXIC thereby preventing any harmful effect to marine and bird species.

    Sea Sweep ABsorbs spilled oil  instantly upon application and remains floating. It thus dramatically reduces any contamination to the environment and all associated ecological systems. The product has multiple application and may be utilized in its two basic forms: 1) "FREE FLOWING"/BULK or 2) "PACKAGED" (ie. containment booms filled with Sea Sweep). We thus offer the DUAL BENEFIT of both spill containment and spill capture via ABsorption.

    Sea Sweep is licensed by the California State Water Control Board as a Oil Spill Cleanup Agent (OSCA) for use "on waters of the State." It has also received the following International 


  • U.K. National Rivers Authority, Thames Region;
  • Greece by the Ministry of Merchant Navy, Directorate of marine Environment Protection and by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology;
  • Chile by the Oceanographic Institute and the Chilean Navy;
  • Malta by the Ministry of the Environment.
  • The Argentina Coast Guard 

    Sea Sweep has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the navigable waters of the United States without prior approval of the On-Scene Coordinator and is a listed product on the U.S. Coast Guard National Strike Force-Response Resources Inventory.

    Sea Sweep, Inc. has established an excellent dialogue with Lloyd's Register of Shipping and has "Type Approval" certification for its products.

    Sea Sweep thus lends itself beautifully for use in marinas, shipyards, shops, factories, railroad operations, and vehicle maintenance programs where containment, cleanup and risk aversion are an essential part of corporate or public policy. Increased environmental sensitivity, public awareness and enlightened senior management will enhance market acceptance and use in various industrial sectors. If necessary, we will custom design/package (eg. boom, sock, pillow etc.) our product for any application.



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