Every year, accidents and discharges spill millions of tons of oil on the ground, in the oceans and along the waterways. Previous cleanup techniques left most of the spilled oil to damage the environment.

Sea Sweep® can be applied from the air or on the surface, on land or at sea. It quickly absorbs crude and refined hydrocarbons (never water) and keeps them from spreading or sinking.

Oil-soaked Sea Sweep® is easily retrieved with brooms on land and screens or skimmers at sea.

Beached Sea Sweep® can be picked up by vacuum.

Saturated Sea Sweep® fires power plants and industrial furnaces. It never becomes a hazardous waste.

    On land or sea, spills damage nature and deplete vital resources. But standard
    cleanup technology misses most of the mess. When a spill occurs, even the
    careful refiner, transporter or user comes away with a stain on the company name.


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